“For Fuck’s Sake! I just showed you how to chip a wheel out of stone last week and what do make, a flipping triangle. That’s really going to make rolling the cart a breeze.”

Who was the first person to do the eye roll of exasperation and disillusionment? I would have loved to have seen that.

Eye rolling is a provocative tell all indicating that you’re just not the sharpest pencil in the box. It says so much about what the eye roller can tolerate about you, without them saying a single word. It’s brilliant in its simplicity.

The next time you see someone roll their eyes at you, ask them, “What’s with the drive by? What did I do to deserve that?” Their response may enlighten you and bring about a change in your behaviour. Unless of course, you get off on people rolling their eyes at you, in which case, by all means carry on.

Raven’s Grin by Brendan Terrick

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